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Textilene product allowing for unique and diverse designs and patterns on both dobby & jacquard looms / Weatherability & Antimicrobial. 

GeoBella® Indoor/Outdoor High Performance Upholstery Fabrics can be utilized in cushions and pillows for furniture both inside and outside the home.

These fabrics are ideal for high traffic areas and are built to withstand everyday bumps and spills. GeoBella® fabrics are low maintenance, easy to clean, and resist bacteria, mold and mildew thanks to their water resistant construction. These touchably soft woven fabrics come in a variety of neutral shades including black, white, cream, grey and brown, in both solids and patterns for use inside the home or outside under the sun.

Phifer Sling and GeoBella Cushion Fabric

Stylish, high-performance designed fabrics for use in outdoor furniture, cushions and umbrellas, include an array of intricately woven fabrics in dobbies, wicker, stripes, jacquards and various blends that reflect the latest fashion trends

Twitchell Sling Fabric

Sunbrella cushion fabric

Sunbrella Cushion Fabric

Sunbrella fabrics are specifically designed for use on outdoor furniture, indoor furniture, window treatments, boats, and more.

FABRICS and Colors 

let your imagination be your guide